ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Is your company being kind to the environment?

More and more companies are becoming environmentally conscious, and are looking to manage their businesses in an environmentally friendly manner. An Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO 14001 can help companies to do this. The benefits are:

  • more efficient use of energy
  • reduction of waste
  • improved public image, and customer profile
  • compliance with environmental legislation
  • ISO 14001 sits neatly alongside ISO 9000, and once one is in pace the other can be implemented with the minimum of additional work.

    I can help your company implement an effective environmental management system, and guide you through the accreditation process, creating the necessary documentation and provide training and environmental auditing of the company's processes. The aim will be to foster an environmental awareness throughout the company which helps the company's profits and reduces its impact on the world.

    Contact me, and I will be pleased to come and talk to you and advise how accreditation to ISO 14001 can help your company.