As a professional engineer, I have considerable experience in industry, in latter years working in the energy industry and in waste management. I am a chartered engineer and a member of the Energy Institute.

During my time in industry, I gained much experience of business management, including the implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Standard. From 1997, I was invited to work as a partner in a Quality Management consultancy, and more recently decided to work on my own.

With my knowledge and experience of environmental matters, I decided to also offer consultancy in ISO 14001.

I have experience in working with a variety of industries, mainly in the small to medium size range. Several companies which I have worked for are in or have connections with the print industry, but can offer consultancy to companies operating in a wide variety of fields, from manufacturing to service industries.

I always work as part of the management team, and in most cases my relationship with the company is of a long term nature, with ongoing support provided, as and when it is needed.

Companies for which I have worked include:

  • Royston Labels Ltd
  • Allprint Supplies Ltd
  • Altak Special Adhesives Ltd
  • Marlborough International
  • Madico Graphic Films Ltd
  • Mates Healthcare
  • MPH Ltd
  • EAC Document Solutions Ltd